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Created by ThreeDee
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HANDZ - Free library of various 3D hands

What is inside? 📦

Free kit of 3D hands

Free version

- source (.blend) files
- 320+ PNGs files rendered
- 12 hands gesture
- 9 color skins
- 3 variations of sleeves.
It is more than 320 combinations of hand out of the box.

Premium library of 3D hands

Premium Version

Everything that is in the free version plus: **
- source (.blend) files
- 1,200+ PNGs files rendered
- 11 hand gestures
- 12 hand gestures with mobile phones
- 6 color skins
- 4 hand gestures with tablet
- 3 hand gestures with Samsung Gear
- 3 hand gestures with Apple Watch
- 2 Mac screens
- 2 rings
- tutorial showing you how you can play with the library
- possibility to buy robotic or monster hands
It is more than 1200 combinations of hand out of the box.__Look inside**__

Truly express yourself 👻

Be yourself with any color skin you can think of.
We don't judge you, even if you are Shrek, Catwoman, or Avatar.
👋 👋🏻 👋🏼 👋🏽 👋🏾 👋🏿 💚 💜 💙

Get the library

Get more with your customization 🤖

Get more variations by customizing colors to meet your needs. We prepared source Blender files (.blend) for you, too.

Blender tutorial on how to use free 3D hands library

Be creative 🎨

Nobody can stop your imagination.
Play, Combine, Create, Repeat 🔄

Get the library


Here are some examples of library usage.
But, don't limit yourself 🚀

Showcase of free library of 3D hands
Showcase of library of 3D hands using tablet
Showcase of library of 3D hands monster 3D hand

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Library of various 3D hands

Created by ThreeDee
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